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Advanced Analysis Services for SQL Server 2008 R2 and Denali

In November 2011 I am going on a speaking tour in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, leading 1-day Advanced Analysis Services seminars. This tour has been organized by SolidQ Nordic (Johan – Tack så mycket!) and is being offered in cooperation with our training partners – Informator and Glasspaper. Here is the official information about the seminars:



I would like to share a little background on the seminar.

In the spring of 2011 I had the privilege of working with SolidQ and the Microsoft SQLCAT team (Denny Lee, John Sirmon, and Thomas Kejsor) on writing and teaching the first edition of the SSAS Maestro course. I learned a lot – from the SQLCAT team, from the feedback from all the course reviewers, and from all the participants who took the course in Redmond, Hong Kong, and London.

I have tried to summarize all that I learned into a 1-day seminar – plus throwing in information about the new version of SQL Server – Denali. This is not the Maestro course material – but it contains a lot of what I have learned from being a part of that great program.

I have organized the material into the following topics:

  • Creating Dimensions
  • Creating and Optimizing Calculations with MDX and DAX
  • Modeling Data for Use in Analysis Services
  • Designing Partitions
  • Designing Aggregations
  • Processing
  • Monitoring Analysis Services
  • Adjusting Memory and Thread Configuration
  • Hardware Decisions

For each topic I am trying to include insights for multidimensional (Analysis Services 2008R2 UDM/Analysis Services Denali BISM multidimensional) and Denali tabular.

For each topic I have prepared a list of 2-3 key issues – what is really crucial to know about the topic – and then a longer list of action items. Altogether I have 139 action items – specific things that you should do or consider doing to enhance the performance of Analysis Services.

Is it too much to cover in one day? Of course it is, but many of you don’t have more time to spend than one day.

Is it information you could get elsewhere? For most of it – yes, you can find this information in a number of places. The value I think that this seminar adds is that it pulls all this information into a one-day package, so you can have a chance to think about all the key Analysis Services issues at the same time.

Please consider joining us – Stockholm on Monday, 7 November (right before the SQL Rally Nordic – come to that, too!), Göteborg on Friday, 11 November, København on Monday, 14 November, Oslo on Wednesday, 16 November, and Bergen on Friday, 18 November.

Tack så mycket!/Mange tak!/Mange takk!

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