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Starting New Blog

It’s time to start a new blog. I stopped blogging three years ago. Now it’s time to start again.

I’ve worked for many years in the field of Microsoft BI, doing my first data warehouse project in SQL Server 6 in 1995! I wrote the second book published in the field of Microsoft BI – Microsoft OLAP Unleashed in 1998.

For many years I focused on local cube generating software – the Local Cube Task, the OLAP Client Management System, and CubeSlice. I had a blog which talked about local cube files, which is no longer available. If you are interested in learning about local cubes you can still read a lot that I’ve written about the topic at http://www.cubeslice.com.

Three years ago I started working with a wonderful company – SolidQ (www.solidq.com). They have a large number of very talented people and have given me many great opportunities. They are very good in the field of Microsoft BI, the SQL Server Database Engine, and many other areas.

In my new blog I intend to write primarily about Microsoft Business Intelligence. But I also intend to write about my desire to remember my family background. My great grandparents came to the United States from Norway and Sweden. Now I am on the board of directors for SolidQ Nordic, I am trying to learn Norwegian, and hoping to develop business opportunities in the Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland.

So how’s that combination for a blog – Microsoft Business Intelligence mixed together with Norwegian/Swedish heritage? I hope to say some things that will be useful.

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