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Itzik Ben-Gan Seminars in Sweden and Denmark

It is a privilege to be a part of the same organization with Itzik Ben-Gan. He is one of the best SQL Server authors and speakers in the world today – both because he understands how T-SQL works and he knows how to explain it to an audience. There is much to understand in SQL Server – and especially now with the new opportunities available with Denali.

Itzik is coming to Sweden and Denmark in November to present 1-day seminars about T-SQL. Here is Itzik’s description of his seminar:

You’re a T-SQL developer or DBA and you learned most of what you know about T-SQL by the seat of your pants. You can handle day-to-day T-SQL querying and programming tasks in a reasonable manner, but you’re looking for better and more efficient solutions. This seminar is for you. 

The seminar covers common T-SQL querying and programming tasks and shows polished, optimal techniques to handle those. Some of the techniques that you will learn in this seminar are very recent developments. You will learn how to utilize T-SQL constructs available in SQL Server 2008 in creative and efficient ways. You will also get introduced to new T-SQL features planned in the next major release of SQL Server-code-named Denali, and see how you will be able to improve your solutions in the near future.

So I encourage you to consider attending Itzik’s seminars. And, of course, I would like you to attend my seminars (Advanced Analysis Services), too. In Stockholm, we are presenting on the same day – Monday, 7 November. In Göteborg, you can come to both, because Itzik is presenting on Thursday, 10 November, while my seminar is on Friday, 11 November. Then in København, Itzik is on Friday, 11 November, and I am on Monday, 14 November.

Why are we doing these seminars now?

It’s a good time to think about SQL Server and Analysis Services, with the new version of SQL Server coming early next year. There’s a lot of new information available.

But also, we’re doing these seminars to help introduce our new subsidiary – SolidQ Nordic. We want to partner with organizations throughout the Nordic area to help people use SQL Server and Analysis Services more effectively.

Please come! Here’s information on signing up.

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